BEATLES to end a “BEATLEMANIAC” school year

World Music Day is celebrated every year on June 21 to honour the musicians and singers for the gift of music, which gives flight to the imagination and life to everything. So let´s play a Tribute to World Music Day !! 

Time-shifted music events recorded offstage at Juanelo. 

Bet you didn’ t know about our great performers  

Fancy Listening to the Beatles instrumental versions???? 

Click Here  and enjoy …. 
you wont be dissapointed !!!! 


More than 40 teachers have joined our eTwinning Project All Together Now. Teachers from Italy, Romania, Albania, Poland, Turkey and Croatia are involved in activities related to the world of The  Beatles, the Fab Four. They are all very welcome.

We are having a musical spring… can you feel the vibes?

Our cofounder partner The Gregorio Marañón School organised a Didactic concert, The Beatles Didactic Concert by Three of Us, broadcast on Teams.

They performed in the School front playground  playing top 4 greatest hits of The Beatles Friday April 8th, a day to remember!

Here you can see the advertising poster designed by one of our students of the fourth year and the ticket concert.

This band deserves a fan club! At Juanelo they have the first one.
Music has also
arrived at Juanelo

Our students watching the live concert  on Teams.

 Students of the first Year rehearsing for an upcoming concert in June. Let it Be, an instrumental version.

They sound great, don´t they?

What else is going on?

A door decoration contest

Juanelo Turriano classroom Doors

Customizing our school logo. Can you see the scrambled Beatless album covers in the letters. I bet you can!

Have a look at this door and see how the creativity of Javier
and our students has no limits….

Gregorio Marañón Classroom Doors

Habibe Erden from Turkey also joined our Classroom Door Contest. ——>

International book day

Book Talk at IES Juanelo Turriano.

Reading has been scientifically proved to be one of the best ways to calm the brain and reduce stress.

If you are looking for good books to read you can browse best-seller lists, click around reading forums and Instagram, ask experts to the best books or you can organise a book talk at school. And this is what we did with our students of the first year.

Grabbing their audience´s attention right away!

Another way of Reading: Dramatized Reading. Off we go!!

Our students of fourth year performing dramatized readings of famous stories.

Adaptation from the classic

Romeo and Juliet

And an adaptation from the classic “The Monkey´s Paw” , by W.W. Jacobs

eTwinners in action!!

Time for a Creative Writer´s Workshop: flash fiction stories with the titles of The Beatles songs.
Here is the result
This is the the link to padlet.

eTwinners from …


Can you hear the music in our 3rd year students´ hearts?

Learning about the circulatory system and the two circuits, the pulmonary and the systemic one, using cut-outs of the heart.Two colours: Red, for the left part of the heart and blue, for the right one.

Take a look inside these musical hearts, as you can find the lyrics of The Beatles songs inside.

Nice words to describe the best of everyone in class.

Want to guess?

Watching an animated short story to know about the origin of  Saint Valentine.  Paying/ Giving  compliments can be contagious  and so can kindness, so we started a complimentary chain and then our students sent and received complimentary cards on Saint Valentine´s.


Masks, animals and Lyrics

1st ESO bilingual students  worked  on the animals that appear the titles of popular songs by the Beatles. A fact file sheet  to help us learn a bit more about these animals.

Did you know that  The Betales songs speak about walruses, birds,ponies,monkeys, octopuses,racoons, piggies….. here you have the list of songs:

  • I am the walrus 
  • And your Bird can sing 
  • Dig a Pony 
  • Octopus garden  
  • Too much Monkey business 
  • Hey Bulldog 
  • Everybody,s got something to hyde except me and my monkey 
  • Blue Jay Way 
  • Rocky Racoon 
  • Leave my Kiten alone 
  • Blackbird 
  • Norwegian Wood 
  • Piggies  


Now we are eTwinners!!!!.

We have become cofounders of an eTwinning project

About the project

All Together Now is the name of  the project that has been prepared by the Gregorio Marañón School staff trying to offer their students a live experience that unites them in a common project. Even more so, after the isolation suffered during confinement and the restrictions caused by the measures of prevention against the pandemic, paraphrasing the Beatles hit “All Together Now”. 
Seeking to create unity, cohesion and cooperation among students and teachers, as well as to get to know British culture better through its music, and to develop capacities from a globalized point of view, they proposed this project around the Beatles, an iconic group from British culture and we have joined them.

Creating a logo with the covers of the Beatles albums

The Beatles  represents values ​​related to respect for diversity, for the environment and an attitude of nonconformity and peaceful demand for fundamental rights. We believe that they are in line with the 2030 goals by promoting sustainability, citizenship and creativity. That is what we look for working with our students. 

The general objectives that we want our students to achieve are:

To cooperate with the students of Gregorio Marañón center and others to achieve a common product.
To get closer to English culture through an iconic group: “The Beatles”.
To develop attitudes of respect and collaboration.
To develop creativity through an interdisciplinary approach.
To reflect on values ​​such as tolerance and respect as basic elements of our coexistence.
These objectives will be specified in other didactics by level and will be collected in the classroom schedules.

Beatlemania has arrived at Juanelo Turriano

These are some of the ideas

and suggestions  that we have

proposed to our students in

relation to The Beatles world:

How about a WEBQUEST?

Let´s see how much our students know about The Beatles, the Fab Four

The Beatles Invasion 
Our 4th year students didn´t want to miss the opportunity to be one of the Beatles, just for a while. 
Watch closely….There is something strange in the Beatles faces, isn´t it? 
Our students made this funny  montage. They modified some of the pictures and adjusted their faces in the face of one of the members of the Beatles band. 
Enjoy these album covers and iconic photos!!!! 

Pop art artits at Juanelo.

Portraits, shoes, Psicodelic Art

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrrison and Ringo Starr, portrayed by our students of 2nd year.

Time to recycle

Have you ever thought about making a musical instrument out of recycled materials?.

Why not making a drum out of cans of Colacao?

Here you have the result.

School Day of Non-Violence and Peace, 30th January

1st and 2nd Year students

Would you like to know how to say peace in different languages? Have a look at our doves, and learn how to say it in more than 30 languages.

You will also find quotes, lyrics about peace , quotes by the Beatles and what peace means to our students in this poster.

Congrats to all the participants!!!

A webquest on John Lenon and Yoko Ono: their role as peace activists and their unique and weird way of protesting against wars.

After listening and analysing the lyrics of Imagine, students worked in groups and wrote a dialogue for John and Yoko. They voted for the best dialogue and the winner  was chosen to complete the comic strip designed by Fran and his students. Thanks to Pilar and her help with the final touches.  A pleasure to work with them!



We had discovered lots of properties of fractals making this fractal christmas tree. It was an amazing adventure. Teachers and pupils improving their relationships at the same time.

Maths and Arts, the forefront of science and the power of the image. There are many worlds inside Juanelo´s world.