The students of the bilingual group of 1st ESO have faced ( successfully, by the way) the challenge of recreate some of the most important and influential people of our universal History.

The result deserves our attention.

Congratulations to them and to their two English teachers: Margarita Moreno and Meritxell Balboa.


A new activity inserted in the STEAM project of our school Center which, headed by our English teacher Gracia Morales, is an example of collaboration between students and teachers of different subjects.

This is the presentation video.

And if you want to access our virtual Museum, you can select the link by clicking the image below .

Enjoy it!


Sir William Shakespeare is coming to visit Juanelo´s students.

Romeos, Juliets, friars, nurses, Fitzwilliams, Elizabeths, Lydias, have been  seen running through corridors  at Juanelo Turriano.

Students 4º ESO: Emotion, Excitement and Enthusiasm.

Everything started with the celebration of the Book Day and the reading of Romeo and Juliet and Pride and Prejudice. The teacher organised a Book Talk and  a competition with Quizzis.  

Another day students were divided into groups,  each member of the group was assigned with a task. The aim of each task was to research into some aspects about he life and works of William Shakespeare and Jane Austen.

After a big effort, they shared the data and they participated in a Quiz. Challenging students is always very rewarding….

All of a sudden the teacher proposed the students to perform different scenes from Shakespeare and Jane Austen. It was time to rehearse, time to enjoy, time to share…

Romeos, Juliets, friars, nurses, Fitzwilliams, Elizabeths, Lydias, were seen running through corridors, dressed up for the theatrical performance.

 An enjoyable experience. Students proved to be great actors. They had so much fun…

After the performance , on a different day, the teacher organised a Talk Show. What a surprise! Sir William Shakespeare was coming to visit us and students had to become journalists , journalists eager to know everything about W. Shakespeare.